Solar Power Panels

There are many UK industries that require lighting towers to support construction, development and event management. In order for the building industry to work in low light or for events to take place at night, lighting towers need to be in full operation and reliable so that work or entertainment can take place smoothly and seamlessly.

For many years, lighting towers have often been powered by diesel. This was viewed as the economic and convenient option. It’s now widely recognised that diesel powered generators for lighting are not as economic or as efficient as once thought.

Generators for lighting are now more commonly being powered by solar. Solar power generators for lighting are not entirely new, but wider communities and industry sectors are tapping into their sustainable, ecological and economic benefits to attain more reliable and natural light sources that also make business sense.

Solar panels on a roof

The Impact Of Diesel Powered Generators

Diesel powered generators for lighting tower shave been in operation for decades. Although there have been some significant resolutions to related issues, such as noise levels produced and the expenses related to diesel fuel procurement, questions still remain around their efficacy.

It’s a fact that noise pollution created by diesel powered generators for lighting can cause some dissatisfaction with the product, particularly when in use in urban areas or near housing and communities. Diesel generators can require increased levels of maintenance which drives up employee, contractor or material costs. Most would concede that the environmental impact of diesel storage and use is substantial, including the considerable effects of diesel emissions on the climate and on a business’s ability to achieve sustainability targets.

For many UK businesses sustainability and ecological goals are becoming a permanent and integral part of their business operations today and their future objectives for tomorrow. That’s why companies are searching for alternative provisions to traditional fuel systems and selecting more advanced and innovative options to grow and evolve their sustainability vision.

This is where solar powered generators for lighting can really come into their own, strengthening partnerships between companies and enabling businesses to move their operations forwards with an eye to the future.

MTU generator

Advantages Of Solar Powered Generators

Several independent studies have found that solar powered generators for lighting are more cost efficient over time than diesel powered systems. They don’t require as much maintenance and have a lower running cost due to the fact that diesel generators need expensive fuel, create higher cleaning costs and demand more regular overhauls.

It is also reported that solar powered generators for lighting have a longer lifetime in terms of use. Generally, the solar panels are workable for over 20-25 years. For UK businesses, this can make a real difference in terms of investing in equipment that will last and create economies. There is also the huge advantage of having no carbon emissions and no fuel costs for organisations that use solar powered generators.

An electrical engineer checking the generator set

How AdvaNova Supports Solar Power Use

As part of our innovative and creative offering through AdvaNova Consultancy, we are able to provide the advanced technology that supports solar powered generators for lighting and other practicalities. We can help organisations in the improved and accessible usability of solar powered technology through our smart systems and solutions.

AdvaNova Consultancy specialises in liaising closely with our clients to design predictive and responsive technologies that are specifically tailored to their needs and requirements. We also source many of our manufacturing elements and parts through onshoring procedures, using UK businesses as a major part of our supply chain to lower costs. This all helps improve timeframes for delivery and increase sustainability across the board.

Excited to be at the forefront of the endless possibilities created by new, reactive technologies and how these can shape a more sustainable and increasingly solar powered world, we can’t wait to move to the next step of this journey.

Get in touch with AdvaNova if you want your organisation to be a part of this energising evolution into the future of technology.

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